Five tips for buying health insurance

  1. You owe it to yourself to make an informed choice. It can be tempting to buy an insurance policy on faith and throw the documents in a drawer, but it's particularly unwise when your health is at stake. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the following:
    • The main benefits and exclusions of the scheme
    • How the insurer will deal with your pre-existing medical conditions
    • How the no-claims discount works (if applicable)
    • The limitations on cancer cover
  2. Give the price comparison websites a miss. Health insurance is a complex product that doesn't lend itself to simplistic comparisons. You'll probably end up more confused than you were before and you may have to deal with unwanted emails and phone calls.
  3. Don't be seduced by high no-claims discounts. Keep in mind that a 50% no-claims discount means that the base premium is double the advertised price.
  4. Always take independent advice. It's no cheaper to go direct and a good broker will review your policy at each renewal to ensure that it continues to represent good value. A broker should also advocate for you if you run into difficulties with your insurer.
  5. Don't base your decision on gimmicks like gift vouchers or so-many-months free cover. It's easy to get locked in to a private medical insurance policy if you develop a serious medical condition, so it's important to buy for the longer term.

If you’re new to the market, start by reading the Association of British Insurers' guide to buying PMI.

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