Our approach

Private medical insurance is a complex product with lots of variables. There are a number of insurers, each offering a number of different products, ranging from budget cover to comprehensive plans.

Most of these plans will have a number of excess options, and may have a choice of hospital networks. Other variables include no-claims discounts, six-week options and differences in cancer cover. The client’s unique medical circumstances add a further layer of complexity.

Because there are so many options, it is rare that a client approaches an adviser knowing exactly what they want from a PMI policy. With this in mind, we look to establish your requirements from a relaxed discussion, rather than simply asking you a series of questions.

We don’t expect you to remember everything that we discuss on the telephone, so we’ll write to you outlining our recommendation in natural language before you make your decision. This will give you the opportunity to read through the information in your own time and come back to us with any questions.

We aim to make a definitive recommendation where possible, supported by a market review. Once your policy is set up we will review it annually to ensure that it remains competitive and advocate for you in the unlikely event that you run into difficulties with your insurer. Our services are always provided without charge.

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